August 24th, 2007

How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul to Be Available to Users of INTENT’s Ad-Supported Revenue Model

ATLANTA -- (August 3, 2007) – INTENT MediaWorks, Inc., a digital media distribution company, and SlamJamz Records, one of the most innovative record labels in the music industry, today announced that INTENT will distribute Public Enemy’s new album in peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing networks for free, coinciding the physical release of its album on August 7, 2007. Internet users will be able to download any of the tracks from How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul free of charge in P2P, in exchange for viewing brief ads associated with the files.

The ad-supported model enables consumers to get high-quality, legal copies of album tracks for free, while creating new revenue streams for artists. SlamJamz Records has partnered with INTENT MediaWorks since 2006, making it a good partner to manage digital distribution for the new album, which marks their 20th anniversary.

“Public Enemy consistently leads the music industry with our innovation and by embracing new technologies,” said Chuck D, front man of Public Enemy and founder of SlamJamz Records. “We continue to look for new ways to satisfy our fans, and P2P is the largest international fan base on the Internet. Providing free and legal tracks for our fans is great for everyone.”

Public Enemy (PE) is accurately credited with changing the Internet’s music distribution capability by being the first major artist to release an album in MP3 in 1999, a format practically unknown by the general public at this time. PE front man Chuck D has continuously been a driving force behind the digital media revolution, leading up to this summer’s launch of the group’s 20th anniversary album.

The group burst onto both the rap and pop music world in 1987 with their first single, "Public Enemy #1," a startling combination of Chuck D's commanding orations and Flavor Flav's show-stopping antics to keep the message entertaining. The song is not only known for introducing a whole new sound to the rap genre, but for giving the group their name. At the close of 1999, The New York Times named Public Enemy’s music to their list of the “25 Most Significant Albums of the Last Century” and in May 2005 The US government’s Library of Congress included Fear of a Black Planet in a list of 50 recordings worthy of preserving in the National Recording Registry. Rolling Stone magazine called the group one of the fifty greatest artists of all time, and in 1999 Vanity Fair profiled the group in their Icons of Rock special section while Spin magazine chose two PE albums for their “100 Greatest Albums (1985-2005)” list, with It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back coming in at #2 and Fear of a Black Planet at #21.

INTENT enables clients like SlamJamz to manage the integrity and consistency of their brand across multiple Internet channels, rather than being limited or restricted within a specific marketplace. Content owners are able to determine how content is presented, what keywords are associated with their files, or what advertising or promotions are served with the content – all in one place.

“There is no question that Public Enemy is one of the most significant groups to come out of the music industry during the past 20 years,” said Les Ottolenghi, co-founder and president, INTENT MediaWorks. “What’s most impressive about Public Enemy is their ability to recognize emerging trends, and capitalize on new innovations in technology to remain at the forefront decade after decade. We’re excited to help mark this chapter in the group’s history by supporting the launch of their 20th Anniversary Album – sure to be another huge hit.”

INTENT MediaWorks will help Public Enemy distribute high-quality digital media files via P2P networks, using its proprietary technology for distribution management. INTENT will be able to deliver downloads and serve advertising content for users across P2P, but also through websites, social networks, mobile, and other channels – as consumers share their downloaded files with friends and other Internet users.

About SlamJamz Records
SlamJamz was founded in 1996 by Public Enemy frontman Chuck D as a vehicle to spread both hip-hop and new urban music in what he calls “all the fertile territories that exist around the world today.” At present, SlamJamz’s roster includes 12 artists, each carefully selected for their own unique and individual characteristics. SlamJamz works with artists to ensure they retain the rights to their works, and allows for them to own the master copies of their recordings as well as their own publishing rights – just a few of the qualities that have made SlamJamz a pioneer in indie and digital distribution since its inception. For more information on SlamJamz, please visit

About INTENT MediaWorks
INTENT MediaWorks is a leading distributor of digital media and advertising via P2P file-sharing networks and other popular Internet channels. INTENT enables owners and distributors of media content to safely manage and monetize content across all digital channels, while providing unique advertising and branding opportunities for both content owners and online marketers. INTENT currently manages a catalog of more than 3 million unique digital media files, serving an average of 1 million legal file downloads per day in P2P. For more information on INTENT, please visit

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