International Compilation, SLAM Worldwide, Drops!

February 26th, 2016

International Compilation, SLAM Worldwide, Drops!

Janol  "Mecca" Holmes, SLAMjamz’ Chief Operating Officer, is always looking for talent and does not limit his search to the US. SLAMjamz’ new release, SLAM Worldwide, brings some of those talents from around the world to you. Janol "Mecca" Holmes talked about SLAMjamz new international compilation of songs.

The SPITslam Group (Kate G): February 26 will be an eventful day for SLAMjamz with the release of the compilation album, "SLAM Worldwide."  I understand it will be an eclectic mix with an international flavor. Tell us about it and who’s on it. 

Janol "Mecca" Holmes: This release reflects and celebrates the diverse direction SLAMjamz is headed Internationally by featuring artist such as Hip Hop Artist "Gambit" who resides in Switzerland (via Poland), DJ Matheos (Greece/NY) and Hip Hop Lyricist "Fame" (Puerto Rico/Florida/NY) and Diesel Outlaw (Atlanta, GA).

The SPITslam Group: Considering language and cultural differences, do you find that there are any differences between the sounds and styles of international rappers and our home grown ones?

Janol "Mecca" Holmes: Most Definitely, Music is the reflection rhythmic creative expression of life, we all come from different places as well as walks of life - Locally, Nationally and Globally, however it's all relative...Through the good times, everyday life as well as the struggle.

The SPITslam Group: Gambit has two songs on the album and a new video.  Tell us about his new work.

Janol "Mecca" Holmes: Gambit is a high energy MC that brings tenacity and vigor in every performance, whether it's on stage or in the recording booth. "Jagwarr" epitomizes who he is as an artist, "Like This" is another song that shows how he can rock a club/party with the same energy, yet balanced with ease.

The SPITslam Group: As Chief Operations Officer of SLAMjamz, what’s a normal day like for you?

Janol "Mecca" Holmes: Pretty Hectic. My focus is to expand SLAMjamz and fight for its artist by creating opportunities that will separate us as a company from the Millions of others that think they can do this. In comparison to Major Labels, it's definitely a "David versus Goliath" situation, yet we're making an impact through an outside of the box approach and thought process.

The SPITslam Group: How did you hookup with Chuck?

Janol "Mecca" Holmes : I met Chuck in 1989 at a Def Jam Concert Tour during intermission, it was the "Little White Kid meeting Mean Joe Green moment". LOL

The SPITslam Group: Cool moment. They showed them together on the Super Bowl show and the kid, Tommy Okon, and Joe, have remained close friends over all these years.  Thanks for the interview Janol "Mecca" Holmes.

Kate G is Kate Gammell for Update Reports on The SPITdigital SLAMjamz Recording Label Group


GET "SLAM WORLDWIDE" HERE at RapCentralStation

Check out the video for "Jagwarr" by Gambit HERE;