Jahi of PE 2.0 Opens up RESPECT: Hip Hop Style & Wisdom At The Oakland Museum

April 5th, 2018

Jahi of PE 2.0 Opens up RESPECT: Hip Hop Style & Wisdom At The Oakland Museum
Oakland, California
April 2018- written by Furious Styles

The Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) has announced details of its major spring exhibition RESPECT: Hip-Hop Style & Wisdom, a celebration of one of the most influential cultural and social movements of the last 50 years, continuing the Museum’s commitment to examining topics and themes that are socially relevant and meaningful to diverse audiences.

Opening in OMCA’s Great Hall on March 24, RESPECT: Hip-Hop Style & Wisdom uncovers the under-recognized story of how Hip-Hop changed the world. Informed by insights from more than 50 Hip-Hop historians, practitioners, and community members, the interdisciplinary exhibition will explore the many ways that Hip-Hop provides a platform for creative self-expression, activism, youth development, and education.

“RESPECT recognizes the sensational essence of a movement that has become a unifying culture throughout the world,” said René de Guzman, director of exhibition strategy and senior curator of art at the Oakland Museum of California. “With this exhibition, OMCA sets the stage for a deeper exploration of Hip-Hop: the wisdom and style it has brought to many aspects of all our lives, from the language that we use to the clothes that we wear.”

Through six thematic sections, visitors will discover the beginnings of Hip-Hop and learn about the significant roles that California, and Oakland, have played and continue to play in Hip-Hop’s evolution.

Jahi of PE 2.0 has been a collaborator, thought partner on design, linguistics, Hip Hop history, connector to other industry professionals, and trained the entire staff on Hip Hop 101 at the Oakland Museum.

As a part of the opening artists were asked to do a 5 minute mini talk on how they felt about the museum and display. Jahi’s portion turned into an impromptu performance which inspired the intergenerational audience.

RESPECT: Hip-Hip Style & Wisdom is now open at the Oakland Museum until August 12th, 2018. For more information

Catch Jahi of PE 2.0 Live at First Fridays at The Oakland Museum May 4th, 2018