JAHI Soars in The Motherland with PE 2.0 Accra Ghana Experiences

September 30th, 2019

Jahi live from Ghana upon day 5. Last night we went to the Republic for a music session with Royal ( I don't like the word local) artists, creatives, space owners, producers and an inter generational crowd who have a personal story and love for Hip Hop Culture. Those who come to OSU Republic Bar and Grill is ground zero to get connected to really good people, places, and vibes.


There were many stories last night from many who saw Public Enemy in 1992 and were transformed. The way many described it made me feel like it was there. I heard African artists talk about the importance of PE, Wu Tang, KRS-One, and many others which I know many of my peers in the states have had the same experience. What I noticed is I haven't met a lot of female Hip Hop artists yet but I still have 5 days. Tonight I will speak on The Intersection between Hip Hop Culture & Education at Terra Alta, a Community space for creatives and folks from the diaspora to check in and represent their art. I am overwhelmed, amazed, thankful, happier than I've ever been, shocked, surprised, feel at home, feel like there is so much I do not know, and learning incredible new things about Africa and my people. To be continued....


. Jahi of PERadio live today from the University of Accra- Ghana Jahi reporting live from Accra. Radio Day. Today I did two interviews on YFM and Univers Radio at the University of Accra. Shout out to Brown Berry and DJ Pak on Yfm 107.9fm. I had to share the story about how that frequency is important because 107.9fm WDMT in Cleveland was the first place Hip Hop was played on the radio. Talk about full circle. I got a chance to perform live on the radio which was doPE. I've been doing the song Oceanflows from the Oceanview album a lot. Felt good to share this idea of unity and collaboration with the artists of Ghana.


There is a big energy and movement around pushing the culture forward. Radio still matters here in a way that is reminiscent of the early 80's in Amerika. This evening I did the Univers show on the University of Accra campus. I had a chance to visit the campus and the Institute of African Studies and the library there. Fascinating to see so many Black students on the move. It's like the African HBCU.


I look forward returning there to share more about Hip Hop culture. On the show they asked about my position in the culture and in the PE family. As I said there is only One Public Enemy, and my role is to continue the cultural legacy. PE came to Ghana in 1992 and it's still fresh on the minds of the people. To be here now, and to build with the culture keepers is something that has changed me for the better. To be continued... Jahi signing off live from Africa- Ghana currently in Osu. PEace