James Bomb Mind Unleashes for Change In The Word and World On HIs Debut Album

October 11th, 2019

James Bomb of Public Enemy D has released his descriptions of from the mind of...His new album of spoken word passages ....Music to change how we view to world ..

1.Be the change you want to see: like you being example of the change you wanna see in life or in this landscape call America. Change is the only thing, is Constant in the universe. if not, change will change you.

The 45th is about the Reality star who happens to be the 45th President of the United States. He actually makes the country looks like child’s play the movie. We are watching A Jerry Springer show in reality happens to be playing out in the White House.

Police State: The landscape of America for black people is a police state. If we are at war, we don’t know it. Every encounter that black men and black women for that matter and children in the last five or 10 years we’ve been killed or murdered by police in this country. Sandra Bland, Eric Gardner, Tamir Rice, Tamir Rice was a 12 year old child. Kill by a police officer. My younger brother was gun down by sheriffs department in Pahokee Florida. This song is personal to me.

Presidents union address: I was watching George Bush Address to country I kind of thought like how would poor people perceive his union address and what would it be like if poor people had a Voice in this Country. No advocate for poor. The war that’s been raging on in the desert for 25 years. Under all the presidents that came in the office... our agenda for black people have been the same for every president....

Smoke: about the weed industry legalizing it throughout the states but it’s not legal federally which is a trick for black man to be arrested at the federal level. A lot of black men being arrested Put in jail for, what is being made legal now. We must control the out come of our circumstances being a part of that legally. Business that is!

Trap music: trap music is really about your mind being trapped and this 3000 x 3000 square box call the America. Depicting some of the things that we go through. And lastly the people who built the pyramids need to get that mind back.

10,000 Strong: 10,000 strong is an idea coming from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Talking about 10,000 black men and women out in the neighborhood of black America to make our neighborhoods a better place for our selves and our children and families that is a campaign for all black men and women who want to see our neighborhoods a decent place to live.

Unity of the planet: this particular song talked about people living on the only thing that we can live on that is the planet earth and people understanding culture and each other. We must learn from each other not kill the planet. The main idea here. People understanding people without destroying each other.

Exit you’re Mind: This song is really about the only way we can get to a higher level of consciousness is to submit too the author of conscious and that’s God. We can learn any discipline that we want, but we must submit to God in order to get to that mastery of ourselves.