Janol 'Mecca' Holmes Heads Up SLAMdigital ,VP of Operations at SLAMjamz South

February 2nd, 2007

Janol MECCA Holmes VP SLAMjamz South/ SLAMdigital

Janol MECCA Holmes is a serious cat. He wants to see SLAMjamz on the map regarding a solid place among independent urban based record labels in 007. Already a key integral part on developing showcases and marketing for CREW GRRL ORDER, DIRTY NORTH, soul dripper HUGGY, comedian ZOOMAN and his act MOST HIFI, ' MECCA hopes to move the transition of new music by SLAMjamz artists into the digital space ala SLAMdigital. SLAMdigital works in delivery mode just as the traditional manufacturing deadlines dictate.

In other words 100 day windows for public release from delivered parts. The distribution is of course worldwide with partners and services such as the ORCHARD,7digitals indiestore, and direct relation with itunes. Along with careful synergy with each artists MY SPACE and YOU TUBE content uploads, will supply an individual area for downloads and orders. ' we have to move ahead of the time and not simply just with it.

SLAMjamz needed a key person to step up and deliver in this regard so its just an expansion from the SLAMsouth base' he says from ATLANTA headquarters.