Janol MECCA Holmes Set To Bring The South Noise with Supernatural INC sub Digital Label

August 4th, 2008


Innovative Music, Visuals, Film and Culture on a Higher Level.

Based on the belief of Good Music, Accountability, Substance and Revolutionary Entertainment we present to you SUPERNATURAL INC. As a both a Company and Entertainment entity we pledge to provide the Entire World 100% creative effort of what we deliver. Digitally we are powered by Beyond.FM and SLAMjamz Records.

Coming Soon:

Artist: HUGGY
Title: Huggified
Genre': R&B, Soul, Southern Hip Hop
Release Date: September 2008

HUGGY - Described as a Southern, Soulful throwback of Music's Golden Age, Huggy lights up the Darkest of Rooms with his Talents, Charisma and Unique God Given Voice. Huggy has been known for his contributions on different projects such as Most Hi-Fi's 2006 release 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright' and Ying Yang Twins 2007 release 'Chemically Imbalanced' . Huggy has a legion of fans which have derived from his live performances, tours and media appearances. Huggy’s debut will be in the form of a Digital EP titled 'Huggified' scheduled for September 2008. “Huggified includes production from premier producer Joe City. Please stay tuned for updates on live performances and appearances from Huggy. Huggy is truly the industry's Best Kept Secret.

Artist: Koffee
Title: Voltage
Genre': Neo-Soul, R&B
Release Date: October 2008

Koffee – Through her soulful voice and brilliantly laced lyrics, Kofffee addresses the topics of Love, Pain, Reflections, Quests and Inspiration with a perfect balance. Koffee brings a combined sound that is Hip Hop, Edgy, Urban, Soulful yet Seductive which makes her a unique talent. Koffee has performed and toured throughout the US and has appeared in multiple urban showcases. With a unique style, voice, substance and beauty to match Koffee has plenty to offer the world. “Voltage” will be Koffee’s debut underneath the SUPERNATURAL INC imprint in the form of a Digital EP scheduled for an October 2008 release.

Artist: BIG V.E.L
Title: THE BIG V.E.L Show
Genre': Southern Hip Hop, RAP
Release Date: October 2008

BIG V.E.L- From the legendary streets of the Lower 9th ward in New Orleans now residing in the Planet of Decatur comes BIG V.E.L. BIG V.E.L appeared on 'Most Hi-Fi' debut album 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright: The Movie' from Chuck D’s SLAMjamz Label. BIG V.E.L is preparing to release his solo debut EP “The BIG V.E.L Show” with two feature singles, the system thumping “Turn it up' and 'MARCHIN BAND'. BIG V.E.L's target is that of the streets and club scene with a powerful aim at the mainstream audience. BIG V.E.L’s mission is to show the world what his brand of southern Hip Hop has to offer. Armed with production from newcomers “TeamHood” and “BackDraft Beats” along with a pure and uncut Dirty South Swagger, BIG V.E.L is prepared in staking his claim within the Hip Hop game.

Artist: MOST HI-FI

Title: “With a Vengeance”
Genre': Neo - Hip Hop
Release Date: Late October 2008

MOST HI-FI - Most HiFi (MECCA and DJ KAYO) is preparing to spearhead another revolution in the form of a Digital EP. While their music has been referred to as revolutionary, hard hitting and innovative, Most Hi Fi brings an important and powerful element to music that has an appeal that can transcend above the underground scene to become relevant and entertaining to the vast mainstream. “With a Vengeance” serves as the prequel of more to come from Most Hi-Fi in 2009. Listen out for the single “Action” by Most Hi-Fi, Featuring “Chuck D of Public Enemy”, produced by Joe City.

Artist: LiL Earl and Dem Down South Thugz
Title: A Day in the Life of LiL Earl…
Genre': Rap, Gangsta
Release Date: October 2008

LiL Earl & Dem Down South Thugz - Rooted in the deep tradition of every 'Young', 'LiL' or medium sized rapper who specializes in bringing you what's real from the streets, rises 'LiL Earl' and his 'Dem Down South Thugz” family. Armed with 808 beats, Casio Keyboards, Thug Revelations, Club Chants and Street Tales comes 'LiL Earl and his band of Lyrical Thugz featuring 'Young Youngin'' and 'White-Tee Tony'. Are we serious? Stay Tuned.

Special Note:

Joe City - From the legacy of legendary producers such as DJ Premier, J-Dilla, 9th Wonder and Pete Rock enters Joe City, a producer with a new and unique sound that is relevant to the Hip Hop generation of today. “The Epitome of What a Hip Hop producer should be”. Joe City has worked with a diverse network of artist as Flip Mode’s Rampage, Yagfuu Front, Most Hi-Fi, Huggy and Koffee. Be on the look out with more to come from Joe City.