Joe City delivers a "Taste of Nostalgia"

August 11th, 2016

Music Composer/Beat Maker/Producer Joe City is a Hip Hop veteran with an impressive production catalog that includes artist such Public Enemy , Rampage , Most HiFi, Yag Fu Front, Gypcees and the Wu Syndicate .

Birthplace: Newport News, VA

Resides in: Norfolk, VA

Influences: J-Dilla, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Earth Wind & Fire, Barry White, Parliament, Large Professor and Mantronix.

New Project: A Taste of Nostalgia - Studio Life 3

Release Date: Friday, August 12, 2016 Writer/Blog Contributor Jay Verdejo sits down with Joe City for some Q&A -

As the Music Producer of this project you collaborated with several artist:

Yes, I'm excited about this project and the artist featured.  "Unkle Chee" is featured and delivers empowering messages through storytelling, "Ke Turner" is an excellent lyricist with serious style and wordplay, "Eing" flourishes as both a Singer and Songwriter and "Bravo Young" delivers a creative energy through song that's guaranteed to make you move.

I see that Hip Hop Artist Writer Jones is featured on the lead single and video "Taxi Cab Confessions"?

Writer Jones brings the element of real life as we see it everyday, what makes him unique is that he is an actual poet. He paints a vivid mental picture through his lyrics extremely well.

What are some of your favorite cuts on the project?

Obviously "Taxi Cab confessions", the concept represents the course of a whole day for me which Writer Jones delivers lyrically.  "Dope Sex" is another one because of the way it feels, the content is suggestive but tastefully done. "New Day/Wake up" is a song that starts off my day, makes me productive, it gives me plenty of energy like an energy drink!  Risin 2.0 is a song biography of earlier times when Ke Turner and I were recording way back with "The Gypcees", during the 90's, Golden Age of Hip Hop type of stuff.  "The Product" is an instrumental which is something special and personal of mine that sparked the entire project.

What should your fans as well as new listeners expect regarding this project?

Well, they should expect to feel a variety of emotions with this project, however the word "refreshing" is the first thing that comes to mind.  "A Taste of Nostalgia" will definitely have you feeling like you haven't felt in a long time in terms of listening to Hip Hop music.  There's a lot of excitement and energy surrounding this project, it's been a long time coming, and now it's finally here courtesy of SLAMjamz.  It has a lot of variety that includes storytelling, messages , tight production and overall good music.  It's also a preview of future projects and artist collaborations coming your way much sooner than later. True indeed.