Kansas City Amazing HEET MOB To Bring Noise in 2012 New Records New Website!

January 24th, 2012

Heet Mob currently busy in the lab recording heavily!

Upcoming Heet Mob projects for 2012- J LEE solo project, BRO. NEVES solo project, DA HYMNLAYAS (Dj Hylanda, Mic Brass and Tommy Lift) "Lift your hands hy" project, RAM solo project and BLACK FUNKULA solo project, slated so far!

Heet Mob producers Daheeteus and Dj Hylanda are currently launching Heet Mob music services a one stop shop for professional audio commercial production (Audio tracks, voicework, writing staff, recording, editing and mixing), due to launch in February!

Also the HEET just launched an all everything Heet Mob website complete with music, photos, videos, freestyles, blogs and more! Updates every week so stay in tune!