Kyle Jason Revolution Of The Cool Album Reviewed by Soul-Patrol.coms' BoB Davis.

February 2nd, 2007

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Kyle Jason - "Revolution Of The Cool"

Funk = a stew of jazz + blues + rock n' roll + soul (with a little
gospel, hip hop, reggae & latin added for spice (sometimes) wirh a

The definition above is one of many imprecise definitions that I have
developed over the years in my lifetime quest to try and gain a deeper
understanding of just what the "bastard genre" of FUNK music is.

It is quite interesting to me that Kyle Jason's "Revolution Of The Cool"
is the first CD review of the year for Soul-Patrol. Each year I get at
least one album that is almost a perfect representation of what Funk
music could have/should have evolved into had it not been for the
election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. Artists like Buckshot LaFounque,
Victor Wooten, Don Byron, King Britt/Sylk 130, Nadir, Sonny Boy,
D'Angelo and a few others over the course of the past 10 years or so
have seemingly nailed down for me various aspects of just what that
evolution might have sounded like.

Here is my shorthand evaluation of each song on Kyle Jason - "Revolution
Of The Cool"

1. People, People (D'Angelo Influenced)

2. Hipper Nipple (Prince Influenced)

3. Cool Is Cool (Miles Davis influenced)

4. After Midnight (Al Green/Stax influenced)

5. Simone By Moonlight (Micheal Henderson/Lonnie Liston Smith

6. Why I'm So Funky? (Prince/Living Colour/JB's Influenced)

7. Cat-O-Tonic (Miles Davis influenced)

8. Paris Sky (Prince Influenced)

9. Walkin' (D'Angelo Influenced)

10. Hot Sauce (James Brown Influenced)

11. Round Peg In A Room Full Of Squares (Larry Graham/Miles Davis

12. I'm Tired Of Being Your Friend (Al Green/D'Angelo Influenced)

None of this is to say that Kyle Jason doesn'thave his own sound because
he does. Kyle Jason is a throwback to the future of 'soul.' An
outstanding artist with a massive, diverse catalog, Kyle has recorded
"Revolution of the Cool" with organic sounds from his band The Soul
Power Movement. Kyle Jason's music is not unlike the music of artists
like Buckshot LaFounque, Victor Wooten, Don Byron, King Britt/Sylk 130,
Nadir, Sonny Boy, D'Angelo and a few others. It's innovative yet at the
same time reminds of things that we thought we forgot. And like those
other artists, "Revolution Of The Cool" is an album for which there is
literally no current commercial radio format. You see a long time ago
the powers that be removed the designation called FUNK from the formats
of radio stations and the bins of record stores. This was done in order
to remove the concept of FUNK from our minds in order to restrict and
control our thinking. It is however a "format" that fits in quite nicely
here on Soul-Patrol so I think that you may hear some of this music

Here is another one of those perhaps imprecise definitions for FUNK:

FUNK = "The essence of ALL Black music..."

And while that might not be perfect description of FUNK music, I think
it works for trying to describe what Kyle Jason does. And it sure is an
awfully nice way to start off the new year.

Bob Davis