Leeia Henderson Brings The Power of A&R to The SLAMjamz Record Label

May 16th, 2017

Leeia Henderson Brings The Power of A&R to SLAMjamz Records

As The SLAMjamz Record Label continue to grow and deliver innovative music projects and artist, A&R Leeia Henderson has been key in procuring talented artist of all genres for the Label. As an A&R, Leeia is very passionate about artist rights as well as artist growth and development, which is highly important within the new direction and era of SLAMjamz Records. Leeia’s passion stem from her roots of being a songwriter and spoken word artist in addition to her past A&R experience in partnering with other independent and major labels.  The SLAMjamz Record Label is very excited in having Leeia Henderson as a key part of the Team.