Listen To The TRIBB TO JB Here

December 13th, 2007

They are saying a lot of applause for the Godfather Of Soul tribute , TRIBB TO JB, by Chuck D and the PEEPS OF SOULfunk.

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Meanwhile Chuck D has just completed an interview on REV AL SHARPTONS syndicated radio show 'Keepin It Real'. Heres some other reviews like Davey D for the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS;

The album that has everyone talking is "Tribb to JB," put together by Chuck D and his Public Enemy camp and featuring soul singer Kyle Jason, rising artists off Chuck's Slam Jamz roster and Public Enemy's incredible backup band, the BaNNed. Holding down the production is longtime veteran Johnny Juice.

The project manages to capture the musical essence and feel of many James Brown classics, including "Say It Loud (I'm Black and I'm Proud)," "Funky President" and my favorite, "Get Up, Get Into It and Get Involved."

Chuck and company add their own twists to some songs by either rapping new lyrics or adding riffs and extra beats. The BaNNed leaves you feeling as if Fred Wesley or Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis or another of Brown's longtime composers had been right there in the studio.

I caught up with Chuck D at the recent conference titled "Ain't That a Groove: The Genius of James Brown" at Princeton University, where he explained what inspired his group to do this tribute. Chuck said he was afraid Brown and his work wouldn't enjoy the same level of celebration as icons such as Elvis Presley and John Lennon. He noted that soul musician Curtis Mayfield has gotten little attention since his death in 1999. And he speculated that, had it not been for the film bio starring Jamie Fox, Ray Charles' death would have been eclipsed by Ronald Reagan's.

Chuck added that so far, "Tribb to JB" is the only Brown compilation on CD so far, and there should be many more for a man who truly revolutionized music. Chuck said it was essential for his group to make a clear statement about its appreciation for the Godfather of Soul.