Man Plans God Laughs Instrumentals Now Available

November 18th, 2015

By: Kate G


One of the most intense Public Enemy albums to date, Man Plans God Laughs, dropped on July 25th, 2015. The album produced by Gary G-Wiz, reached #1 on College Radio and has been said to be one of the best PE albums.You can now get the instrumental version of Man Plans God Laughs from SLAMjamz. Chuck D believes that hip hop instrumental music is the wave of the future, calling it Hipstrumental, the new Jazz music. Gary G-Wiz took instrumental music to another level with the production of this album. Be amazed to hear hip hop launched into a different culture as Chuck D and Gary G-Wiz continue to release more instrumental albums on their label. So, go grab it now and make sure to check out RAPstion Radio’s new Hipstrumetnal Radio Station called rapINST that is being orchestrated by C-Doc!

More instrumental releases coming soon!

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Kate G is Kate Gammell for Update Reports on The SPITdigital SLAMjamz Recording Label Group