MC John Brown Brings The Noise To SLAM

April 22nd, 2008

The melting pot that was Berkeley California allowed Scott Loken early and constant exposure to racial diversity, which reflected in his mix of
friends growing up. While pursuing a BA in Communications at the University of California at Santa Barbara, Scott felt oddly out of place in
the predominantly white area, being used to such an eclectic cultural upbringing. He elected to take on ethnic studies courses to gain knowledge
of the civil rights and Black Liberation movements. This research later helped shaped much of his writings and musical projects.

After graduating from UCSB, Scott moved to Orange County to focus on writing and it was there that he became even more aware and
disturbed by racism, and it found release through his pen. With a combination of his love of music and his gift for words, he created the identity
of MC John Brown. While one creative side was busy venting via music and fiery rhymes, his deeper literary side coaxed out a novel - ‘Lesson
Learned’. This riveting coming of age tale offered a main character that he could identify with, to further voice his frustrations over racial
bigotry. He now resides in Santa Barbara, where he is launching a book imprint and production vehicle to take his thought provoking lyrics,
music and ideas into the mainstream market. Unabridged (v 1.1) - abAoAliAtionAist

1. (esp. prior to the Civil War) a person who advocated or supported the abolition of slavery in
the U.S.
John Brown- Abolitionist May 9, 1800 – December 2, 1859
Was the first white American abolitionist to advocate and practice insurrection and murder as a means to abolish ...

2. a person who favors the abolition of any law or practice deemed harmful to society: the
abolitionists who are opposed to capital punishment.
John Brown- Hip Hop MC - The New Millennium

Is the first white American MC to advocate, via lyrical and poetic expression, the assassination of racial intolerance,
bigotry and negative propaganda in hip hop.

The Underground Railroad- John Brown’s era
Refers to the effort--sometimes spontaneous, sometimes highly organized--to assist persons held in bondage to escape.

The Underground- The New Era
Where you have to go to escape the mainstream murder of your mind. A place where you go to find revolution
expressed in music, words and pictures as action against mainstream madness.

MC John Brown of this generation is the love child of black panther and Martin Luther King ideology.
Taking the name of a radical who was passionately motivated to galvanize a movement against racial and social
tyranny; the creative MC studied the violent endings of John Brown and other such revolutionary uprisings and
upon seeing the same conditions existent today; he understood how rage could be present.

As the struggle continues, he uses his art to channel his indignation. With hip hop beats pulsing through his
head and the influence of legendary music icons in his heart - the talented lyricist took up the pen as a pistol and
fiery rhymes as ammo to abolish and slay the notion of racial injustice in this era.

His rhymes speak of his indignation over the current events, media propaganda, war, community violence,
negative rap and the dumbing down of America. The skills of Scott Loken the author, columnist and activist
bring the underpinnings of genuine insight to the intellectually penned and energetically delivered lyrics of MC
John Brown.
Issued from the soul of a thinker; the passion and commentary of today’s triumphs and woes offer a platinum
perspective, from a true poet.