Meet Sammy Vegas and get his new album, You Already Know!

November 13th, 2015


  At the early age of 17, Sammy was signed to Sony Korea. It was his desire to stay in the music industry, but at the request of his parents, he enrolled in Boston University to obtain an education in business. While in school, he continued to further his musical career in Korea and became successful in Asia. His passion to eventually become a recording artist and producer was so strong that he decided to pursue his dreams in Las Vegas. While in Vegas, Sammy had an opportunity to hook up with Flavor Flav.

Their partnership soon evolved into a sound team and it wasn’t long before Flavor introduced Sammy to Chuck D of Public Enemy. Sammy soon was recording and producing songs for the group. Broke Diva, one of his productions landed on Public Enemy’s album, Evil Empire, and he also recorded a song off Chuck D’s record, Get it Right or Be Gone. Besides collaborating with Public Enemy and Chuck D, Sammy also produced a track off DJ Lord’s record, Eat the Rat, which also featured Chuck D. Sammy had the great fortune to be signed to SPITdigital as a recording artist in 2015. In August his first EP, You Already Know, was released, and then around the same time, his video, Juicy was released, featuring Flavor Flav. Sammy looks forward to continuing his music career with the instrumental act EAST DUEL WEST with his partner Charlie Mac on INST records. 


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Watch Sammy's video, JUICY

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