MF 911 Returns The Boom Bap to Hip Hop Signs to SLAMjamz

November 14th, 2015


The hip hop trio of MF 911, consisting of Ant Live, Mainy Main and Ced Rat return the Boom Bap to release their newest album with SLAMjamz, “Return To The Bloodsport.” I had an opportunity to talk to Ant Live and find out how they met Chuck D, how Public Enemy influenced their career, while also learning what the driving force was behind their new album.

The SpitSlam Record Group (Kate G): What influence did Chuck have on you in the 1980s?

MF 911 (Ant Live): Since hip-hop wasn’t played on the radio and we didn’t have a market most of Detroit hip-hop vibe came from being a DJ, MTV, the Box and B.E.T

I found out about Public Enemy and Chuck D through a friend who lived next door to me in Detroit and decided to share the Chuck D experience in words. Soon after, I purchased “Rebel Without a Pause” and I was lost to P.E forever! The energy was powerful; the voice resonated in my ears daily and my essence changed. Before Chuck D, all we had was Ice T, LL, and Run DMC, whom were already established in the game of Rap. It was Chuck’s album “Yo Bum Rush the Show” that showed me the lane I wanted to follow in Hip-Hop. Being a musician, I understood that when you rapped you needed a sound that represents you. P.E represented hardcore beats and creativity. To be a dope MC no matter how good your vocabulary is, you have to have an amazing voice and Chuck D was the 1st amazing voice I heard. Detroit during the 1980’s was the blackest city in the world besides Africa. The public schools did a great job teaching us about our ancestry but Chuck did a better job teaching me about Malcom X and other things related to my culture. The Schools didn’t teach. Chuck’s influence was just as big as my educators and parents at times because his passion became mine and his Rhyme skills were the backbone of my development as a complete Mc.

What was the driving force behind the new album?

MF 911 (Ant Live): To bring back the Boom Bap sound, and its essence was the driving force. As a solo artist, I’ve traveled the world consistently for the last 4 years. I went to Germany, the UK, England, Czech Republic, Paris and Canada. Everywhere I’ve been the fans have asked for MF911. They Love Antlive but I think they love MF911 more. My partners Cedrat and Mainy Main have changed directions from music to productive citizens and family men as I have. But, I kept the torch lit for years because I’ve constantly worked non-stop since our record deal in 1993 with Next Plateau Records. Since then I’ve worked Detroit radio FM98 WIJB. I own a recording studio in Detroit-Houston and produced for a little bit of everyone from J Dilla, Jam Master Jay, Proof, Scarface, Hush, WuTang, Ghostface, Method Man and Raekwon creating Yolanda’s House most recently from the Big Doe Rehab 2007. No one wants to hear the same rhymer on every song. The group gives us a chance to use positive energy, no cursing and not just our creativity together but our brotherhood as well. MF911’s melodies, kick, snares and sample chops are unique.

You are known for Boom Bap, tell a little about it.

MF 911 (Ant Live): MF911’s melodies, kick, snares and sample chops are unique and makes us Boom Bap. Our production style is a mix of Mantronix, Ced Gee and Dj Premier, Roget and Rough. To be Boom Bap your rhyme scheme has to be lyrical and your voice has to resonate to the listener. Boom bap is not a state of mind. It’s a state of feeling. Hardcore record ash type beats that make you wanna slam dance because your chills are uncontrollable. The music has to be intense and the message has to make sense!

How were you recently reunited with Chuck D?

MF 911 (Ant Live): I met chuck at 17 years old watching the fresh fest in 1987 at Joe Louise Arena in Detroit. I snuck back stage during a post-show interview. I wanted to meet my idol and whatever it took I was going to make it happen. I somehow got to Professor Griff and he brought Chuck over to the crowd barrier. Chuck invited me backstage with the crew and my life restarted from that point. After the interview Chuck asked me if I had a car. Yes! I escorted Chuck and few of the S1W’s back to the latten quarter in a broken down 1979 Chevy chevet , like it was a limo. Chuck could see my passion so he let me know that he was staying with his grandparents an extra few days and if I was around and available, I could make his run with him. Can you imagine what’s going on in the head of a 17 year old kid when the biggest rapper in the world at that time asks him to hang?

I’ll never forget because he took me and my partner Cedrat to see Die Hard July 11, the day it was released and then treated us to Burger King afterwards, like it was Red Lobster. Big brother type stuff was happening. I was young and needed guidance and I guess he saw that. From that point, we constantly talked over the phone, as well as saw each other when he came down with P.E to my town.

I lost track with Chuck after he released “Fear of a Black Planet,” but before we lost track he renamed our group from Philli Boy Productions, to our current name, MF911. He told me he had a new single coming out and if we used that name it would bring notoriety to the group. In 1991 we ended up hooking up with Ced Gee Ultramagnetic Mc’s. I called their old label and somehow convinced them to give me Ced Gee’s home number. We traveled to New York and recorded, and while I was playing college basketball. Ced Gee got us a deal with Next Plateau / LPG records. Chuck had already laid the foundation. After reuniting years later during the 90s, we have come full circle after I reached back out to Chuck via twitter during my UK New Golden Era tour Summer 2015 with Bronze Nazareth of WuTang Clan & Rocknrollas, my other group I developed. As always he had a plan in motion for the group and me and now I ain’t ever leaving SLAMjamz!

Anything you want to add?

MF 911 (Ant Live): Being a leader in Detroit hip-hop at this point in my career ,I don’t want to just cultivate talent. I want a home that has a visionary way of getting talent in places around the world where the artist will be appreciated and able to work a tour and be recognized. Being on SLAMjamz helps my creative and artistic side. Chuck has treated my group and me like flagship artists and he’s also a fan. Crazy how my idol is a fan of our music.

Skies the limit for affiliation with SLAMjamz. I have a vision for my label and group and everything up to this point has lead me to believe our voice of joining SLAMjamz is the right one. In December I’m releasing my 1st beat tape since 2010 . It is “Detroitstrumentals” and soon after a collaboration with my artist Rocdwell Johns, which will all be released through SLAMjamz. The future is bright!


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