Mistachuck , DJ Lord , Hardgroove and KYLE Jason Play With Archie Shepp in Paris.

February 29th, 2008

Having played on the Public Enemy tour in Paris at the Zenith Theater last April, key PE members had returned the favor to world reknown Jazzist Archie Shepp by playing on the Sons d'hiver festival there this past February 6th. Called the Shepp/ Chuck D Project the tenor sax master combined his sparkling band with PE / SLAMjamz members DJ Lord, Brian Hardgroove , soul singing Kyle Jason and Chuck D on vocals. After a smoking 6 hour rehearsal the night before , the show night was an improv journey where few have gone. The Shepp Chuck D project is looking to play some special limited other dates in Europe and the US to be announced. The two collaborated on Mr Shepps latest album and thus performed their song 'Reverse' live that night at the Vitry Theater in Paris.