MOST Hi-Fi release marks the beginning of a new Hip Hop order

March 9th, 2006

(Atlanta, GA) --March 7, 2006 New rap duo Most HiFi represents a change in
the winds of hip hop with their March 7th release. With their debut album,
'Everything's Gonna be Alright' the group is set on establishing a new order for
hip hop. Comprised of Mecca, an up north emcee inspired by Public Enemy,
KRS-One and Rakim and Vel, a New Orleans born southern rapper who lists 8 Ball
and MJG along with early Ice Cube as inspiration, Most HiFi represents a balance
of east coast and down south contributions to hip hop.“When it started, hip hop
was a reference tool,” says Mecca ½ of the new rap duo Most HiFi, of his
earliest music-related memories. “That substance was there when hip hop as an
art form was born. We want to be a part of the movement that is innovating
today’s hip hop culture. We want our music to leave people with perspective,
inspiration, and substance.”The name Most HiFi, was bestowed upon the duo by
their mentor, Chuck D. who says the moniker is a culmination of the group's
dedication to excellence, the Almighty and also out of reverence to the quality
of their sound (High Fidelity).

From Mecca’s prolific way of addressing anything hip hop related, to the Public
Enemy legacy passed down to the duo, there are imminent signs that Most HiFi is
preparing to spearhead a revolution. Revolution is a concept that certainly is
not far from the group’s definition as Most HiFi is the first project to debut
on Public Enemy front man Chuck D’s new record label, SlamJamz.

The group's first single, 'Here we Go Now' has received rave reviews from
critics and tastemakers everywhere. The melodic track is reminiscent of old
school hip hop mixed with a contemporary appeal and has old school hip hop heads
in concert with new school hip hop fans moving their feet on the dancefloor.
Besides a loyal grassroots fanbase in the northeastern and southern markets,
Most HiFi is quickly hipping fans nationwide to their signature sound.

Most HiFi's debut album is a combination of several elements such as soul,
old-school hip hop, funk and jazz. It seemed a natural progression for a group
spearheaded by a legacy of hip hop to bring hip hop full circle with this new
genre of hip hop.

"Most HiFi is more than just a sound," says Vel, "we believe this is the
beginning of a movement. A movement of quality music, even further than that
quality entertainment."

With tracks like 'Pimp or Preach', a musical expose on corrupt preachers, and
the radio ready 'Let it Be' the album serves as a documentary on real life
issues everyone can relate to. The second single 'Be Alright', is an encouraging
message of possibility and purpose, woven through an almost vintage sound. The
groups anthem, 'Here We Go Now', is a feel-good track filled with creative
metaphors over a classic Issac Hayes sample.

In addition to the album, which hits stores nationwide on Tuesday, the duo also
inked a deal with Mecca Clothing to participate in the 2006 ad commercial
campaign for the brand. The Mecca ads will showcase Mecca and Vel wearing the
new 2006 line of the Mecca clothing. Ads will run in various entertainment
magazines over the next nine months. "With Mecca clothing it was just a good
fit. I think they appreciate what we're bringing to hip hop and we in turn
appreciate what the brand represents," says Mecca.

Look for Mecca ads featuring Mecca and Vel in an upcoming issue of URB and also
the April issue of Elemental magazine, along with issues of Streetmasters and
BREAK magazine.

Most HiFi will also release the movie version of the album late summer 2006.
commercial campaign for the brand.

'Everything's Gonna Be Alright' will be available for purchase, March 7, 2006,
in record stores, nationwide, on,, and

For more information on Most Hi-Fi's debut album 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright', visit or .