MOST Hi-Fi Reviews Atlanta-Rochester NY

April 1st, 2006


If you’re looking for a little taste of the “new” underground, look no further than Most HiFi, a hip-hop collective looking to make noise in the mainstream arena with their debut CD “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”. Groomed (and given their name) by the one and only Chuck D, the expectations are lofty and they make a solid attempt at fulfilling them.

On the strength of their first single ‘Here We Go Now’ they created a major buzz, but they have other joints on the CD that will make you forget all about the aforementioned. They lead you in with their hard ‘Intro’ where they scratch a Common sample to construct the chorus. But, they had me open with the straight grimy beat of ‘Rhymin’ Insane’ (that reminded me of Cypress Hill) and the destined-to-be controversial ‘Pimp or Preach’. On that track, they speak on corrupt preachers and how they are modern day pimps. (Scary how much truth is dropped on this one!) Going further into the disc, there are more gems with ‘The M.O.S. Teez’ and the Lady Payn-fueled ‘Paperchase’.

As I listened to the CD, I was often put in the mindset of early P.E. (which is expected having Chuck’s influence), early 90’s (East Coast) era Cube or possibly Scarface. You won’t get a lot of lyrical gymnastics, but what they DO say, actually means something. It’s good to know that there is still consciousness in the game. (3.9 Ears) (For more background on Most HiFi, click 908 here or go to slamjamz.)


Chuck D created the moniker for this duo, one of the new acts on his Slamjamz label. And just like their mentor, rappers Mecca and Vel could create a little controversy with their music. Single "Pimp or Preach" slams corrupt ministers: "Let's call him Deacon FBI or Reverend Food Stamp/Every Sunday it's your loot he's collecting/As well as your W-2's he's inspecting." Potshots at preachers aside, Most Hi-Fi mixes party grooves with food for thought. Songs worth giving a listen to include: "No Hook," "Paperchase" and "The M.O.S. Teez."