MOTOWN: The Sound of Young America-Coming Soon!

August 12th, 2016

MOTOWN: The Sound of Young America

Coming this September is the new book, MOTOWN: The Sound of Young America, written by Adam White with Barney Ales and a foreword by Andrew Loog Oldham.  It is published by Thames and Hudson, who sent Chuck D an advance copy to preview.

Motown, founded by Berry Gordy Jr, has always been the sound of young America, playing an integral part in bringing African Americans’ music a distinct soul sound with an element of pop. The book is a hardcover, featuring an artistic cover of some of the various musical artists during this historical time. MOTOWN: The Sound of Young America is artfully executed. The contents of this book is outstanding.  It not only brings the reader the history of Motown from the beginning to “The Last Star”, but also shows the reader pictures that capture the heart and soul of the artists.

Chuck D was recently at the historic Motown building before his show in Detroit shooting a video with CDOC. All of the old Motown records had the elements that Mr. Chuck D feels music needs to have-sight, story, style and then sound.   

Make sure to get your copy in September!