NEW VIDEO, "Come Back," Coming Soon!

August 24th, 2016

Today, Jelani Malik will be dropping a new video, Come Back, which talks about Malik’s struggle of trying to shape his future, after leaving his struggles and past negative experiences behind to make a new self-identity and come back even stronger!

Jelani Malik was born in Long Island, NY to an aspiring Gospel artist, Brother Michael Williams and a member of the Hip Hop greats, Public Enemy. Growing up, Jelani knew the struggle of depression that thousands of people face today and, like so many, couldn't find the right thing to conquer it. With emotions trapped inside and depression reaching it's high, a pencil and a notebook seemed like the only logical way to release those dark days. Jelani drops his newest video, Come Back soon. 

In the meantime, LISTEN to "Come Back," NOW! 

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