Notes From SLAMjamz Acts On Tour Aug 2010

August 19th, 2010


"The tour was an experience. It's been a minute since we were on the road. Each night was a different entity. And special in it's own right. We got to see people in the town they were from. That's part of the beauty in it for me. Central Park was extra special because we brought it home. We met some of the pioneers. That was humbling. If not for them, there would be no us. I can't wait to tour again.


Almighty Jahwel

Son of Bazerk


My experience on tour was exciting. I forgot how good it felt to be on stage in front of a crowd performing my own music. Only my classroom experience can come close to that bolt of energy. It amazed me how the crowd responded to our show and our music. Since day one Public Enemy has always treated me with the upmost respect . Treating me like their little sister, always checking to make sure I am comfortable and O.K. To be reunited with my group after 20 years on stage only bring the fondest memories of our first tour with PE which also happeed to be Fear of a Black Planet. Thanks to Johnny Juice(Producer and Big Brother) for the vision and hot tracks, Public Enemy(Big Brothers forever) for the opportunity and the belief in SOB , Craig Belcher(RapLiesandVideotapes) for making me aware of Son of Bazerk's influence in Hip Hop and my family and friends(NFO) for the support. I look forward to what the future holds for Son of Bazerk/No Self Control.


Almost as if the exhausted crowd had been holding their breath for the finale, the exhaled screams of ‘Encore, encore!' filled the D.C. club following the electrifying performance of the youngest member of the Slam Jamz /Line 3 Entertainment label. The silhouette of a 6'3 giant with one fist raised was the last image that they saw before he was once again engulfed in a blanket of red fog. The crowd could still hear the faint hum of the lead guitar amp in the room and the stirrings of the DJ's record still resonated in the crowd. Novices to Kendo and the Almost Famous Band, found themselves captivated by the lyrics of Be Where I Be, the Hell record made them believers and the new single Rock Harder catapulted even the most jaded critics into submission.

Near the stage entrance, Kendo stood silently gazing through the tattered mask at the newly enlightened crowd. His outward calm belied his inner exhilaration He slipped off the mask, walking past the gathering throng of fellow artists and new fans. Arriving in his dressing room, he paused in front of the mirror reflecting on his journey from Almost to Famous. Long held dreams and stubborn determination stared back through dark eyes. If eyes were the windows of the soul, then he could see what the edge of hell looked like. Interrupted from his musings by the entrance of his band, a simple greeting of 'Rock Harder' by the team set the stage for the continuation of the story of the man and the growth of the giant.


Its always an honor to get to tour with Public Enemy, but sometimes the venues take it to another level. First stop: House of Blues in Cleveland. This is one of those spots that humbles any artist as soon as you get backstage.  The walls have have been tagged by some of music's most powerful people. Jenny and I signed our names next to Atmosphere! The crowd in Cleveland was incredible.  I always give 110% onstage and it fires me up to see the crowd feeding off of my energy. Some shows, I leave wondering if they were even feeling us.  This was not one of them. Special thanks to the dude who handed me a shot of Henny from the front row!