Old School 76 Interviews JAHI

August 30th, 2008

( OS76 ) Ok let start of by introducing yourself to the world, with your name and state you are from?

( Jahi ) Peace and Respect, my name is Jahi. originally from East Cleveland Ohio. In terms of my skill, I'm and emcee.

( OS76 ) Does your name have a meaning? If yes, what's the meaning and how does it relate to you and your image.

( Jahi ) Jahi means dignity. I think if people listen to my music, and see my lifestyle when the music is off, I strive to be a reflection of that.

( OS76 ) When people hear your name, you want them to think of?

( Jahi ) Emcee. A human being. A member of Hip Hop. A person that brings it when he performs live. Socially conscious. Blue collar Hip Hop. Musician. Father..

( OS76 ) How many years have u been making music?

( Jahi ) Professionally since 1998

( OS76 ) Whom or what inspired you, to start making your own hip-hop tracks?

( Jahi ) I didn't start trying to make tracks myself until last year, and I think my inspiration came from winning Cakewalk after placing 2nd place in the International Songwriting Competition in the Hip Hop category. In terms of writing as an emcee my inspiration came from a combination of soul artists like Sam and Dave, Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Marvin Gaye and others mixed with Run-DMC, Whodini, KRS, Rakim, PE, etc. That was the beginning. My inspiration now is the fact that there is no balance in the Hip Hop coverage of who we are, so I listen to the mainstream and get inspired to write from the other point of view. Where dudes talks about cars and women, I talk about love and hybrid cars...for example.

( 0S76) How did you go signed to the slamjamz label?

( Jahi ) I was working on a Hip Hop doc film and got re connected with Chuck. We talked, he shared the vision, and I was down. I've been a part of Slamjamz since 2001. I first met Chuck in 1999 at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

( OS76 ) Whats the name of your album?

( Jahi ) The last album I released earlier this year was entitled Less is More, and my new album coming in November is called Forward Steps.

( OS76 ) Are there any songs on your album, that you sampled from another artist?
( Jahi )Yeah, there are few samples sprinkled in my new album Forward Steps, but you gotta really listen to catch them. I'm really into sample free music these days. less hassle.

( OS76 ) Are you currently working on any new projects as we speak?
( Jahi ) Like I mentioned, I have two albums this year. Forward Steps is next and will be out in November, then in 2009 Im going to get quiet as i get ready to release this PE 2.0 project in 2010

( OS76 ) Is there any place in your city, people can visit to check out upcoming hip-hop acts?

( Jahi ) or Also, I'm in The Bay so we have emerging artists playing out everywhere.

( OS76 ) Where can people buy & listen to some of your music?
( Jahi ) Itunes...Anywhere you buy music digitally. Physical product...Amoeba and Rasputin in Cali

( OS76 ) Do u have anything else you would like to add?

( Jahi ) Articles are cool, but get to the music to really get a sense of who i am and what I stand for. Good music always gets thru. My myspace page is and my youtube page is