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    Making music together, Brothers who grew up in Enfield to release album in May as 'The Scallions'

    January 18th, 2006

    By: Mike Cummings, Journal Inquirer 01/18/2006 Mike and Shawn Franklin recall nervous butterflies when they took the stage at The Worcester Palladium in 2002. The brothers' band, The Scallions, was opening for Public Enemy, a groundbreaking rap group that gained international attention during the 1980s and 1990s for its controversial… Read more

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    SLAMjamz Healthy Urban Music Campaign 2006 Spawns New Releases/ signings for First Period

    January 10th, 2006

    It's been a minute, but SLAMjamz has stepped outfront with some awesome artistry in the '06. 1. The DirtY NortH cd/dvd Conflict Re'soul'ution releases Feb 21st 2. MOST HI-FI on March 7th 3. KENDO THE ALMOST FAMOUS 'Almost Famous' April 4th 4. LOWdown on April 18th The 20 track, 20… Read more

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    SLAMjamz Film Department Explodes with COMMAND Pictures

    January 9th, 2006

    David C. Snyder aka C-Doc (The WarHammer) is the SLAMjamz everything man. Besides heading up 2 SLAMjamz projects (The Impossebulls and the soon to be April 18th released LOWdown 'groundZERO' CD/DVD) and production and remixxing on the label (including Public Enemy), Mr. Snyder's COMMAND PICTURES has singlehandedly depicted SLAMjamz's visual… Read more

  • SLAMjamz Artists Updates November 2005

    SLAMjamz Artists Updates November 2005

    November 8th, 2005

    The CD/DVD innovations proclaimed 'new' might not be so 'new' today, but SLAMjamz Records has a great rollout planned for 2006. The IMPOSSEBULLS' Slave Education and the 7TH OCTAVE's Se7enth Degree have been released worldwide. C-DOC has spawned a spinoff two-man squad with fellow Impossebull TIRADE called LOWdown. Their album… Read more

  • New Whirl Odor Exclusive to Best Buy

    New Whirl Odor Exclusive to Best Buy

    September 21st, 2005

    Best Buy to Bring Fans Exclusive New Release from Public Enemy, New Whirl Odor; New CD Marks the Groups First Studio Album in Three Years MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 15, 2005--Public Enemy, one of the world's most formidable rap groups, will release their first studio album in 3 years, New Whirl Odor… Read more

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    Impossebulls - Slave Education Reviews

    April 24th, 2005 The Impossebulls :: Slave Education :: Slam Jamz Records as reviewed by TomJoad Until recently, I stood as a person removed from the hip hop community. This wasn’t due to any aversion to the style or movement; in fact it was quite the opposite. KRS – 1 taught us… Read more