Prolific UK Artist/Producer "Configa" drops "Configaration Volume 1" via SLAMjamz International

November 14th, 2017

Producer/Artist Configa hails from the United Kingdom and delivers raw and authentic Hip Hop Beats and Musical Production that will quench the thrist of those who yearn for Real Hip Hop.

It's Configa's time and he knows it as he unleashes "Configaration Volume 1" for his SLAMjamz International debut on Novmber 21, 2017.

Check out the Interview:

Who is Configa?

I'm a Golden Era crazed producer from the UK, renowned for being a one way ticket to a neck brace due to people catching repetitive strain from my beats. I'm also an academic with a Doctoral thesis on hip-hop and ethnicity under my belt.

What sparked your interest and passion for Hip-Hop Music?

To be honest it was the raw passion, the rhythm, the message, the energy, the excitement. I was like a moth to a flame. This love affair was instantaneous, from one incidental listen on radio in the late 80s, to now. I remember exactly where I was when it struck me as a kid, like a lightning bolt. Hip-hop wasn't seen as cool or the "in thing" where I come from in Newcastle, England, way back when, it wasn't that sort of place, so it was a small group of us who took it upon ourselves to BE the scene.

What is life like in your neck of the woods in the UK?

I now live in a spot which is near London and near Bristol which have historically been two hotbeds of the UK "Urban" scene, with heavy Caribbean influences. Bristol started "trip-hop" and London has always been a musical powerhouse. Where I originate from, like I said, it has a scene but it's very small, I left a long time ago, but I remain proud of my roots.

Tell us about the UK Hip-Hop and Music Scene?

There's a lot of talent here, but it suffers from big fish in a small pond syndrome, if we're talking straight hip-hop. There are some amazing lyricists though. A lot of people are happy to just be "UK hip-hop". Not enough people want to push the boat out, quite literally, overseas. That's why I always say I don't make "UK hip-hop", I just make hip-hop, straight up. Plus, beats don't come with an accent, I guess. The guys who are making noise in the States are all "grime" artists which isn't hip-hop. Two entirely separate genres.

Who are your influences from a producer standpoint?

We're talking all of the greats from the 90s such as DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Lord Finesse, Dilla, Diamond D, Large Pro, Easy Mo Bee and Buckwild amongst others. All of those cats. I also draw inspiration from my contemporaries, such as Statik Selektah or Apollo Brown. They keep me on my toes

What artists have you worked with?

Wow. Where do I start? From legends such as Chuck D, Kurtis Blow, Sadat X, Craig G, Prince Po, Nine, El Da Sensei, Chino XL, Rah Digga to more contemporary spitters such as Reks or Wordsworth to UK stalwarts such as Si Phili, Scorzayzee and Genesis Elijah.

Tell us about who was most memorable and why?

I have to say that Chuck D has been a powerful and memorable force because of how he's interacted with me, signed me, showed love and welcomed me in to the fold. He's one of idols from way back to childhood, not many can say that they've worked with such a living icon and had their own music endorsed by one.

Tell us about the new project being released via SLAMjamz International?

This album is about showing my versatility as a producer but all within a boom bap framework, as that's what I'm known for and what I love. There's soundscapes that allow things like introspection, aggression, lyrical ability, soul and just fun to be shown. It's the first time I've ever included instrumentals too, so hardcore fans of mine will love it. There's influences taken from everything from latin to reggae all put together in a hip-hop mix. I stuck within one conceptual framework last time out, but this time I wanted to just let loose and do whatever I felt like. Also, not to be missed is an exclusive verse from the legendary Sean Price (RIP).

How do you feel about the current state of Hip-Hop and Music overall?

I think it's terrible. I wish I could be more optimistic. The hip-hop music found "overground" in the mainstream is an actual insult to my intelligence. Mumble rap? Don't get me started! Trap is garbage. Underground, there's some gems, but everybody assumes they can make music, and place it on SoundCloud accordingly. Back in the day, to even get cd distribution, you had to have something about you. It's too easy now, we need some kind of quality control. Generally, music overall bores me. It feels stagnant. There's too much power in too few hands.

What makes you different than the rest of 100 Million Beat Producers in the world?

People will know I'm not the best self promoter in the world. I prefer to let the people do the talking. That in itself might answer the question. The fact people talk, who don't know me or owe me anything. Word of mouth is powerful.

Why should anyone purchase this project?

My beats married with the sounds of amazing artists sells itself, I believe. I made it so you can listen to it if you're a lyrical head or leave it playing all the way through in the background if you just prefer the vibes and the beats. It has a broader appeal than usual I feel.

Last words.......?

Look out for November 21st to cop 'Configaration Volume 1' or #CV1 for short. Hit me up on Twitter - I'm very interactive with fans @configa. Many thanks to you guys at SLAMjamz for helping me to go onwards and upwards with my career. Peace to the #ConfigArmy!



-Jabari P. (SLAMstaff)