Public Enemy Finishes Year in OZ for PETOUR63

January 5th, 2009

Public Enemy completed another successful tour of Australia to cap off a year of doing IT TAKES A NATION 20th year performances. Rapping up their 5th Australian Tour ( previously 1990, 1992, 1998, 2003 were PE appearances there) PE hit Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Newcastle with a special festival appearance in Gisbourne, New Zealand. The concert was precluded by a gathering at the local Maori Tribal Temple , where the Enemy was honored.

Rebel Baser SCOTT READING again hosted and guided PE across the OZ map. All and all it all seemed too short with the last show being another festival , the ALL DAY OUT event where PE headlined after SHARON JONES AND THE DAP KINGS, and after a smoking performance by RHYMESAYERS, BROTHER ALI, and SLUG from ATMOSPHERE. It all started a bit crazy with FLAVOR FLAV being snowed in Vegas leaving Chuck D, DJ LORD, the baNNed , and the S1WS to rip the show. The show also was missing founders PROFESSOR GRIFF and JAMES BOMB from passport issues.