Public Enemy Founder Chuck D Launches 8-Day Cyber-Organizational Brand Concept, DATAMBER.

December 26th, 2020
Public Enemy Founder Chuck D Launches 8-Day Cyber-Organizational Brand Concept, DATAMBER.   In finding ways to make up for what felt like lost days dealing with the effects of 2020, Public Enemy founder Chuck D devised an 8-day calendar he proposes as the 13th month. Datamber is a chance to snatch out of the Gregorian calendar space to prepare for 2021. Otherwise, the fast-growing networks (cue 5G), new devices, and streams of content and data could overwhelm anyone who has been too distracted by this year.    Chuck D states, "In terms of the branding, everything we've done has a deeper level of meaning including creating our own alphabet system and everything takes inspiration from 8-bit binary code." He created the brand with London-based creative director, Kieran McIver, with who he has collaborated on projects for nearly a decade. The system developed fully defines the deeper digital aspects of this ‘Cyber Organizational Month.”    It's not just for geek heads and those that are ultra familiar with the internet, Chuck D feels society is now more comprised of what would be considered Netizens as much as citizens. The events of the societal world, including crime, carried over into cyberspace, now offer just as much rule and law punishment on the internet as in everyday life. It has that much power and yet most of us, while using any number of sophisticated gadgets, have little clue as to how it works, how to better manage it, and how to control our lives inside the cyberverse.
Datamber offers not just eight days of designated time to arrange the disarraying effects of 2020 before entering the new year; it presents techniques on how to do so, starting with the acronym that makes up the name D.A.T.A.M.B.E.R.—Discovery, Application, Tech-Savvy, Accessibility, Build, Efficiency, and Recognition.

The 8-day timeframe offers a space to first, discover what your role is in cyberspace and the rules, structures, limits set, and even frontiers available. It answers, “Who am I in the cyberworld?”. Application is setting your intentions for how to use the space. Will you establish a presence (i.e. website, app, social media, etc.) and how will you take advantage of it?  To be tech-savvy is no more than getting around that learning curve of just what your devices and servers have to offer. Many use platforms and equipment for years before they grasp all of what it offers.  Being accessible is necessary via social media, emails, websites, etc because it serves the point of being on there if engaging others and networking. Time is made to cultivate your online presence. Management follows as you or someone appointed has to maintain, refresh, and attend to that online presence as if it were a business or at least an extension of yourself that represents you. Building is what you follow with as you add platforms, devices, accessories, and tools to enhancing your digital experience.  The efficiency with which you maneuver all of it is also overseen in this time as you hone your foundational understanding of how everything works and how you’ll best work it. And finally recognition of what your responsibilities in cyberspace are, your netiquette, and your rules of engagement.
Datamber’s 8-day’s includes time to focus on being netliterate with reading the vast amounts of content and even misinformation available and being better able to comprehend it and manage it in your everyday life.    As a musician, to Chuck D the system is more about finding your own rhythm within a galaxy of data, around which we orbit every time we enter that cyber realm. Without a grasp on data and how it’s used and manipulated around us, we’re rhythmically out of sync and woefully unprepared for the tsunami of increased speed and applications about to be thrown to us as Netizens. "My friend Prince Rogers Nelson told me in 1999, 'If you don't manage this digital thing before belong it will master you!" Taken to heart for the past 21 years; hence a track entitled DATAMBER," he states.
The track entitled penned and recorded by Chuck D and a detailed breakdown of what Datamber could mean for anyone, from any walk of life, to use to steal back some time from a surreal 2020.

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