RETINA.MC Sets it Off with the highest standard of MCing. Period

December 2nd, 2015

Meet SPITdigital’s MC & Songwriter, Retina MC! 

Retina Hogue is a songwriter and MC. She has worked with Public Enemy, Mary J Blige, Nappy Roots, Big Pun, Ne-Yo, Sammy Vegas and others. She is very versatile, ranging from pop, hip-hop, R&B, to rock. Her songs have been placed on Access Hollywood, Jimmy Kimmel Live, CBS Sports Spectacular, MLB on Fox and more. Retina’s newest album, Retina MC..RT Follow My Music!, just dropped on SPITdigital. I had the chance to sit down and talk to her about her musical career, how she came to sign with SPITdigital, what inspires her, as well as talk about her new album and her experience shooting her newest music video.


The SpitSlam Record Group (Kate G): Tell me about your musical career and how you came together with SPITdigital?

Retina MC: I started out in a group called "Crew Grrl Order", a group Chuck D started. It was an all female rap group consisting of Lady Payn, Cleo Jones and myself. This was my first solo project under SPITdigital.

You do all of your own writing for your songs and also for other artists. Where do you get your inspiration?

Retina MC: My inspiration comes from life. I love being a songwriter because music can change a person’s emotions. I like writing for other artists because it allows me to write and create music I may not normally do for myself. I make music for the people, long live creativity!

What artists have influenced your music?

Retina MC: Hands down, it is Janet Jackson. Her career and work ethic has always inspired me to work harder on my craft and also to never compromise my self worth.

Tell us about your last album you released with Chuck and G-Wiz?

Retina MC: My new project is titled RETINA.MC.....RT FOLLOW MY MUSIC! This project is a collection of music I created while watching reality shows. I wrote this project about things that can happen in real life as well as television. Reality makes great music.

You recently did a video with David “C-Doc” Snyder? How was that experience?

Retina MC: I love working with C-Doc. His vision is always outside of the box, which is what makes him so great. The day of the video shoot it was raining really badly and all of our locations were flooded, but we adjusted and got it done. I can't wait to see the finished product!

What is your favorite song you have written and why?

Retina MC: I don't think I have written my favorite song yet. The best is yet to come!


The Amazing STILL I CRY Video

 WATCH her hot new BAD GIRL, Video 

Go pick up her new album now!



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