Sammy Sam Vegas - Crazy Boss Asians- Team with Ant Live ...Hits ASIA Hard

September 29th, 2019

9-28-19 Boombar South, Korea 

 Hip-Hop is definitely not dead in Asia. Recently, the Crazy Boss Asian comprised of Sammy Sam, Antlive the Boombapking, Fuzzy, Def-Nelson and Dj smashed the Boombar in an electric performance that can only be categorized as classic. Lead by Sammy SAM CBA is considered Public Enemy of Asia hailing from South Korea and America bringing the noise 9-28-19 to a packed house.

 Crazy Boss Asians uniqueness relies on meshing HipHop formats that range from K POP, Boombap & trap setting the formula

for all enthusiast to enjoy. CBA is now preparing for a tour that will include a December run in China & various countries needing an injection of something new in the rap game. 

Mentored  by Chuck D understanding what it takes to create magic on stage CBA aim to handle the rap game with Love, peace, dignity and unity still smacking you in the face with the raw!