SLAM 'Jamz' During Billboard Awards Week

October 3rd, 2006

It started out as a ceremony week for Public Enemy receiving a founders award from Billboard magazine , but rolled through with 2 fantastic performance nights in the ATL. On Thursday performances were at Club Apache where VP of SLAMjamz South Janol 'Mecca' Holmes orchestrated the acts into riveting attention. Souldripper Huggy sang his deep south soul. Quest Haven from Dirty North led his set list solo without skipping a beat . Kendo The Almost Famous scorched his set coming down from NY.

Most Hi-Fi seriously had a cohesive performance
as a traditional retro threesome, and Crew Grrl Order performed with an amazing well thought out debut that seemed like they'd been together 20 years.
The next night the SLAMjamz collective pulled out all the stops and performed at the CENTERSTAGE Loft with the same energy and fervor. Sponsored by Vitamin Water promoted by Beneath The Noise , it was SLAMjamz coming out event and was hosted by SLAMjamz signed comedian-actor host Cory ZOOMAN Miller...