SLAMjamz Artist Revue Rips across USA on PETOUR 57

April 5th, 2007

Yet another tour for Public Enemy but a fantastic first run for many of the acts on the SLAMjamz Recording label during the 57th tour for PE running from March 7th to March 25th. A fantastic debut had Ohio-PA combination THE IMPOSSEBULLS complete with the sub unit spinoff LOWdown opening at the Madison Theatre in Covington Kentucky just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. 5 years ago in 2002 THE IMPOSSEBULLS opened for PE during the first SLAMjamz Artist Revue.
Perhaps it takes this measure of time to get a foothold of establishment during a flipping of the record industry from analog cd to digital, a space that the label and the acts have championed and expected.
Still the thing that remains is the aspect and importance of the live show. SLAMjamz emphasizes in this.

THE IMPOSSEBULLS show unbelievable cohesion and energy. Daru is their new sonic drummer and CDOC opens the show
manning a keyboards. Marcus J Gilligan , Tirade, Imprtd Flows are flanked by DJ President Ike on the tables. Not only do they flow with power, grace, and speed, but they clearly have something to say. Bush bashing as well as showing the major acts that many of them are privileged and lazier than independents, The IMPOSSEBULLS also played sets at Chicago s House Of Blues and Baltimore s' Rams Head Live thats a 1000 mile stretch for 35 minutes of hard stage work.

During this transition conversations were launched with rapper JAHI about seriously rejoining in the SLAMjamz equation. JAHI participated in 2002 with free downloads and played on the 2002 PE nationwide tour . This time around JAHI cemented the role of host emcee weaving freestyles and songs intro his strong introduction of opening SLAM acts.

CREW GRRL ORDER and the Kansas City based HEETMOB also get the 1000 MILE trooper award .CGO hit New York playing a set before the baNNed GENERAL POP ,and KENDO THE ALMOST FAMOUS at BB KINGS in front of an electric New York City audience. The latter two showed their experience and ripped their sets , but CREW GRRL ORDER showed vet wit and saavy and shocked the fact of showing a all woman hip hop crew in motion. In Baltimore they and THE IMPOSSEBULLS did fabulous set ups. CGO then trekked to Myrtle Beach SC and returned to tour New Orleans , St Petersburg FLA, and wrap up in Atlanta playing with MOST HI-FI, DIRTY NORTH, JAHI, and Chicagos ILLINOTIX who did the Texas shows before the HEETMOB.

The HEETMOB traveled great distance to Chicago then played the Houston and Dallas dates. Fully squaded leaving impression upon the crowd as being a true hip hop team HEETMOB developed a unique style of arranging 9 members on a stage in a choreographed manner. No doubt they also ripped with pure beats, rhymes, and hip hop venom.

The last show in ATLANTA was a show for the ages. Co promoted by SLAMjamz South VP Janol 'Mecca' Holmes and Brother Mike Williams of PE, CLUB Sugarhill was simply smashed by the acts. Artist celebs like Da Brat, Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer Scorpio from Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five, Kid Dynamite, DJHurricane, Davey DMX, YZ who also filmed in Texas.
KASUF AND THE MAZZ MUVMENT played trumpet on stage during Fight The Power. SLAMJamz producers Whitfield CHEEF EXEK Payne ,C-ZAR, Earnest E-ROB Robinson, engineer Triniti Coclough It was a tremendous national showcase also filmed by Brian Timmons providing plenty of content for BEYOND.FM and future dvd projects for the SLAMjamz label.