SLAMjamz Digital Art Director Kelvin Fonville

March 10th, 2010

Since 1995 Kelvin Fonville has been creating logos for Slamjamz and other Chuck D related projects. Chuck D met Kelvin and immediately dig his work at his t-shirt stand in 1995. Chuck was impressed by the design style of them.

Together with Michael Mgee Gregoire SLAMjamz has delivered art,logos,covers , and graphic design with the best of them. Not one for words rather letting his work and hands speak for itself here's Kelvins take on his works.

How did you get started w Slamjamz?

KF: Helped Chuck in development of logo.

How'd you meet Chuck?

KF:Chuck brought one of my shirts at an event in '89 and had it on during his speech.

What best describes your work?


What are your influences?


What was your favorite Slamjamz job?

KF:Each one is unique.

Do you like any of the Artists?


Best way someone can contact you for business

KF: Phone: (631) 704-7865 E-mail:

Thank you Kelvin Fonville