SLAMjamz Film Department Explodes with COMMAND Pictures

January 9th, 2006

David C. Snyder aka C-Doc (The WarHammer) is the SLAMjamz everything man. Besides heading up 2 SLAMjamz projects (The Impossebulls and the soon to be April 18th released LOWdown 'groundZERO' CD/DVD) and production and remixxing on the label (including Public Enemy), Mr. Snyder's COMMAND PICTURES has singlehandedly depicted SLAMjamz's visual image. 25 videos have been shot in the past half year quickly putting the label catalog up to speed with new varied technology and outlets set up for the public to receive.

"With SLAMjamz Chuck wanted to create a label with a classic style," said Snyder, "and an important part of that style is visual image. We could go out and try to 'Hype Williams' it all day, but what's the point in that? What SLAMjamz needed, and what I think that we've found, was it's own unique look that combines professionalism with some creative risktaking."

Snyder has already directed some standout clips for Kyle Jason, PE, LOWdown, and Kendo, not to mention the innovative visuals for Dirty North, Most Hi-Fi, and The 7th Octave. "The artists really care about their music and I want to enhance their creative vision. So far, the collaborations have been nothing short of fantastic. Everyone has been really great to work with."

Coming up will be some incredible new videos for The Scallions, Tijana Bass, and epic clips for Kyle Jason and The Impossebulls. "We're going to be shooting Kyle's 'Paris Sky' in France and we're going to make a short film from it. And then we'll also have 'Circle of Lies' for The Bulls which is my personal 'Fight The Power'. It's an incredible piece."

More info can be found at The Impossebulls website.