SLAMjamz International Artist "GAMBIT" debuts new music "Illa" and discusses his Roots, Politics and Immigration.

February 14th, 2017

SLAMjamz International Artist "Gambit" sits down with us from Switzerland to discuss his new release "Illa".   He also sheds light on his roots and shares his views on current US Politics and Immigration.


Gambit tell us about your roots -

"My mother, father and I came to Switzerland from Poland in 1981. My Father was a very successful professional Table-tennis player who had the opportunity to play a season for a Swiss Club. Poland was a communist country back then and the only way to see something else was either becoming a diplomat or a professional Athlete. My Parent’s idea was to stay for that season then go back to Poland, but that didn‘t happen. The situation in Poland got worse and i got seriously ill (a rare hip illness) so my Parents decided to stay untill I was well again, also because medicine in general was way more advanced in Switzerland than compared to Poland back then. I have to say that I was lucky to be in Switzerland at that time, as it took 4 ½ years for me to regain my health. During this time I spent the first 2 years in bed and was only allowed to lay on my stomach or my left side. There was no walking or sitting during those 2 years. I still feel like my right side is my stronger side. During this time the situation in Poland got worse again so my parents decided that it was better to stay where we were as they were both in employment and I was now able to walk again after these difficult years and the chance of having a better standard of living here in Bern in comparison to our hometown in Poland was way more stable. To sum it all up, a 9 month trip to Switzerland became a Lifetime Story."


What's your view on the current political climate within the US in regards to Trump and Immigration? -

"Trump as President is something surreal, I mean the guy isn’t a politician neither a diplomat, he’s more like a grotesk showmaster with tremendous narcistic tendencies. What the people want is not even secondary, It’s all about his ego and persona. When I see Trump on TV I feel like i’m watching some kind of sarcastic reality Show, it doesn't feel like i’m watching the President of the U.S.A....but the problem is...he IS the President."


I would imagine you'd have an interesting perpective on Immigration, being Polish. -

"I could tell you some fairytales or nice stories but the reality is that the reputation of Polish people is quite bad. Many people, especially in mid and west Europe believe that most Poles are criminals, from thief to smuggler etc, and it’s been like that for a very long time. I’m not saying everybody thinks like that but that’s the main vibe in Europe. It affects me personally too, to give you an example, back in the day when i was younger i couldn't get a job here in Switzerland because of my Nationality. It wasn‘t because of any ID issues or workflow, everything was in order, they simply didn‘t give me the job because i’m from Poland, true story.. Today i wouldnt give a Damn, i’m a grown man now but back then i was around 17-18 and it felt like wtf is going on here. On the other side you see Poles doing work that nobody else wants to do, i mean working on a field, picking up strawberries for 4 time less bucks than others an hour is far from fair, it’s just fucked up but they often have no other options. I believe there are similarities between Poles in Europe and Mexicans in the U.S, either you are classified as a potential criminal or someone who does your job for much less than the going rate. See no matter how many good ones come to the country, the reputation dominates the scenario.."


What should we expect from your new release "Illa"? -

"...Unique and Authentic Hip Hop with High energy, Lyrical Flow with Intense Production. This is just a taste of what I'm unleashing for 2017. "Illa" is now available on Itunes, and all digital retailers. Check out the video for "Illa" on youtube as well as other video outlets."