SLAMjamz In Kansas City , C Doc , Chuck D Support the HEETmob in Videos.

June 29th, 2006

Perhaps the closest description of the HEET Mob organization is that they are a rappers college in motion and a disciplined, organized Wu Tang Clan of the the midwest. A hip hop lesson in living movement from a city that was once the centerpoint of black culture in the 30s and 40s. Led by DaHeetius and J Lee the leaders of example of the outfit, 4 videos were filmed by David C Doc Snyder in the city of the Bird. Previously tracks by the HEET Mob were available for download on as the Soul Project. The entire organization first hooked up with Chuck D in 1991 as I.B.F , Innovative Black Funk and a relationship upon recording was always in forming. 15 years later HEET Mob is positioned to rank the midwest high in hip hop presence and the videos Who Got Rhymes, Spread The Word and KC are to be slated on the DVD of the SLAMjamz/ HEET Mob fall release called 'They From Where? A title that clearly describes the first impression of those landing upon the sounds and now sights of these Kansas City kings.