SLAMjamz New Artists Look Forward To 2010 Releases

November 26th, 2009

New artists signings on the SLamjamz label for the 2010 continue the diversity the label projects towards the realm of music licensing.

from Texas Louisiana borderline comes an acoustic blues cat Joel Badeaux. Discovered online on YouTube where he recorded a cover of the Public Enemy classic 'You're Gonna Get Yours' Joe Bad X has a unique sound to bring to the SLAM label on the FREEDOME subsidiary.

MIKE METAL-this Brother and his band from Amsterdam the Netherlands look to bang another zone of Ghetto Metal to SLAM. This brother was met and linked in the town of Haarlem during a Public Enemy concert there in 2008.

HipHopGods-this subsidiary will house new songs by CLASSIC rap artists
Songs by Donald D and DMC have been placed as artist downloads linked to the


Originally considered in the late 1980s Mr Maurice Watkins would send cassete tapes to Chuck D while living in Southern Pines ,North Carolina. He moved to NY mid ninties and this led to a stellar following coming from the verse he spanked on' Endonesia' off 'Chucks solo album Autobiography Of Mistachuck. Dow Jonz grew up on acid rock David CDOC Snyder and Shawn hFranklin of the Scallions to bring the sounds of the sixties to Mr Jonz rapstyle


Darryl Bass is a real special talent as well as person. For the GODspell label he brings one manned vocal soul and supreme instrumentation. Raw ability combined with necessary message look to make GODspell heard well.


The Human Orchestra has done it all performed all over the map now it is time to make his human beatboxing prowess a reality in recording.


The group's name speaks to its origins and its purpose. Osvaldo chose the name Pa'lo Monte as a dedication to the elders he learned from, referring to their way of speaking. Pa'lo Monte has developed as one of the premiere Afro-Dominican and Haitian traditional groups in New York City, showcasing a model for collaboration between artist and social justice communities. The political-mystical messages of Pa'lo Monte's songs have often proven to be a force that moves people to action, both literally and figuratively, providing spiritual uplift for troubled times and motivation to join the struggle for a better world.

SON OF BAZERK and NO Self ControL

Reproduced by DJ Johnny Juice Rosado has the greatest Group that never was readying up for their sophomore album hopefully on SLAMjamz itunes. Its like they're frozen in time itself.