SLAMjamz News Post Ups

April 24th, 2009

These briefs happening with SLAMjamz artists this month

For now Beyond.FM is streamed access for entire song listening and video viewing. Econmerce purchasing at variable pricing Albums $5.00 , songs @ .50 by June 1st...

SLAMjamz has gotten Old School 76 as moderator of the Slam backboard. He headed the message board at for years. Artists, labels fanatics can now go there to post whatever..

..Tijana bASS is finishing final songs for her Slam digital album release
'Playground' exec produced by Sean Studdaman Devore . The first single ...Da, da, Da...Dah! ....Guest appearance Kyle by David Snyder....Kendo the Almost Famous working on Different Is Better ..Tentative title of his second album..out in fall....the mastering (earle holder) and sequencing (dj Johnny Juice)

of the Kyle Jason Collection 6 albums this summer ..

.Crew Grrl Order 2nd single will be rockin with the best ' a Cheef Exek blast this August...All Bets Off set for June 1 release..

Chuck D set to release solo digital compilation this summer named Dont Rhyme For The Sake Of Riddlin recording 2 new tracks named What Does It All Mean? and another called 'I wreck Stadiums'.

..Supernatural Inc artists Koffee, Huggy ,and B.I.G Vel participated in showcase at Club Apache in Atlanta April 8th Koffee performed
Her new release Its On .

..Kansas City HeetMob finishing up its album due this summer on Slam......stay tuned for re-release of some Soul Project classics on the new Slam Free Throw area