SLAMjamz Offline, Online Releases Set To Wreck 2005

April 19th, 2005

Doin it finally for SLAMjamz are the releases of artists cds, 7 inch vinyl and dvd from the increasingly culturally focused recording label.

May jumps it off with specific online releases of the Impossebulls 'volume'
And the 7th Octaves Voices Of The Fist through and May will also sneak preview the new Public Enemy single Bring That Beat Back/ New Whirl Odor

12' singles will also be released here.

Kyle Jasons After Midnight/ People People will release 7' with 12' on After Midnight with a special remix by Hank Shocklee. Kyles album Revolution Of The Cool is slated for july release US but SLAMjamz international deal with PROPER UK will release this a bit sooner in the UK.

7th Octave and The Impossebulls may- june, and Public Enemy and Kyle Jason come july-august 2005.

Artist cards and the SLAMjamz digital store will be available come june as well as a special cd mailing of DirtY NortHs Father....for fathers day 2005...coupled with a sneak summer preview of records by Most Hi-Fi , DJ Lord, and again DirtY NortH.

Upcoming singles on the SLAMjamz label online and Offline physical.

7th octave/ voices of the fist

Impossebulls/ volume
Public Enemy/ Bring That Beat Back
Public Enemy/ New Whirl Odor
Dirty North/ Father
Kyle Jason / after Midnight
DirtY NortH / look left, look right
Dirty NortH/ mama warned me
DirtY NortH /67 grad prix
Most hi-fi /wilout

Most Hi-fi / A Long Way To Go