SLAMjamz Reissues Special Public Enemy and WBAU Radio Archives.

February 29th, 2008

Very few rap situations are as vast as the legacy wrapped around Public Enemy and its beginnings. Documented in books , films, and influencing artistry across many genres the story has been told a bit . Now sites like YOU TUBE , and MY SPACE can bring the noise in multimedia format along with other Chuck D related sites such as RAPSTATION, SLAMjamz and one of the oldest rap artist websites PUBLICENEMY.COM.

PE - The Original Public Enemy Number One BT107S

Discovered in the basement of Chuck D moms carefully filed away is a gem found within a taped broadcast of Doctor Dres' radio show. The original Public Enemy number one was played on this show during a radio beef between Doctor Dre and WBLS Mr Magic, and intermit-tin with the released single from the previous February 1987. The story was that Scott LaRock and his MC Blastmaster KRS ONE
had let loose a verbal barrage on Dres radio show, in rebuttal to the Bronx-Queensbridge rap battles taking place at that time.

Magic then disses the Public Enemy number one record by saying the 'beat is dope but the rap was kinda weak', setting off a World Rapwar 3 of the NY airwaves at that time DJs Red Alert and Chuck Chill Out down the dial at 98.7 KISS -FM included. No pun intended a magical time, Dre plays the original and cuts the instrumental as well which was tearing up the Latin Quarter the premier hip hop club that era. Peep the names within the song are different like Sugar Ray Leonard, and Serious C of the Choice 5 MCs also known recording wise as Serious Lee Fine from Uniondale Strong Island.

PE , Were Down Wit The DJs BT105S

After the WBAU promo that later became Public Enemy #1 , MC Chuckie Dee and MC DJ Flavor get together at the 510 South Franklin studios in Hempstead Long Island NY and record this promo over the Art Of Noise. They at the time did back to back saturday night shows and rocked at the club Enterage out on the island. This promo was typical of what this station had in supplementing the records out at the time. DJ Doctor Dre flew this into rotation just as he did the Public Enemy number One promo the year earlier. DMC of RUN-DMC still says this tape was an influence. The names mentioned are all DJs who contributed to the pioneering WBAU radio scene. Sadly the station is no longer in existence.