SLAMjamz South serves as a separate Division and Expansion of SLAMjamz Records

June 3rd, 2012

SLAMjamz South serves a separate division and expansion of SLAMjamz Records ( & SLAMjamz South is as an entertainment company with several areas of focus which include music releases as well as several other multimedia projects..

Slamjamz South is scheduled to release artist projects via SPITdigital utilizing e-distribution (iTunes, Amazon and etc) which will begin Mid 2012.

As of now SLAMjamz South has a limited artist roster and has an interest for new creative talent within all genres of music. SLAMjamz South Music has both "single" and "full project releases" scheduled for the Summer and Fall of 2012 and beyond.

Current Artist Include:

HBK (of C U Next Weekend)


Supernatural INC Music Artist:

which include (Dsharp, Deelish, Lil Earl, R.E.A.L, Most HiFi and DJ Kayo)

SLAMjamz South has also partnered with Supernatural INC ( as both a Music Label and Entertainment Entity. Supernatural INC has music and film projects scheduled for release Mid- 2012.

Live events in the form of artist and promotional showcases will take place starting Summer 2012.

Stay Tuned!

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Twitter-!/SLAMjamzSouth (@SLAMjamzSouth)


Janol "Mecca" Holmes

Director/Board Member

SLAMjamz South/Supernatural INC