SOB leads Strong Island Explosion Dec. 23: Son of Bazerk, Leaders of the New School and Grand Daddy I.U.

December 13th, 2010

Nearly two decades after their Bomb Squad-produced cult classic Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk, Freeport, Long Island's Son of Bazerk—a.k.a. Son of Bazerk featuring No Self Control and the Band—are back. We'll be celebrating their return and their 20th anniversary on the eve of Christmas eve, Thurs. Dec. 23 at the Knitting Factory, 361 Metropolitan Ave. in Brooklyn, NYC. This isn't the half-assed, BS hip-hop show you're used to—the Son of Bazerk live experience is pure James Brown-meets-Public Enemy insanity.

Just as thrilling, Charlie Brown, Dinco D and Cut Monitor Milo of Leaders of the New School ("Case of the PTA," A Tribe Called Quest's "Scenario") will be performing together for the first time in 15 years. If you never saw LONS back in the day, they were known for having one of the livest shows in the business. Just ask Arsenio. We've also got rare appearances from Cold Chillin's Grand Daddy I.U. ("Something New," "Sugar Free"), Sugar Bear of Next Plateau Records fame ("Don't Scandalize Mine!") and S.I.D. (of Sid & B-Tonn and Crimedanch Cartel) plus Sputnik Brown, our host T-Money (from Yo! MTV Raps) and DJ Johnny Juice (Public Enemy) and the Chief Chinchilla J-Zone on the wheels. Everyone on this bill hails from Long Island. (Except J-Zone but he works in Wyandanch, so he's alright). When has this happened in NYC before? We're pretty sure never.

As Bazerk so eloquently said on the soundtrack to Juice, "What could be better, bitch?"

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LONS reunion freestyle session:

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