Son Of Bazerk- PE -Mistachuck- the baNNed -8 SLAMpler albums head SLAMjamz Summer 2010

June 24th, 2010

This summer SLAMjamz will release digital albums to mark it's 10 years in the digital age. Buoyed by the new SPITdigital via Tunecore , July will mark the releases of these albums and their subsequent singles.

Son Of Bazerk- I swear on a stack of old hits / single- I swear on a stack of old hits

Mistachuck - Dont Rhyme For The Sake Of Riddin /single- Tear Down That Wall

Public Enemy Bring The Noise Hits Vids and Docs Boxset/single- Say It Like It Really Is

The baNNed- Its Back to A Million of Us To Hold a Nation/single- Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos

Mistachuck Record and Album in July

This July Chuck D releases his Mistachuck 'Dont Rhyme For The Sake of Riddlin solo project .
Planned to break ground on the new digital distribution portal thru Tunecore called Spitdigital

It will be an example of other SLAMjamz digital albums to follow. Then within the month is the new featured Public Enemy single ' Say It Like It Really Is' the signature track from the Public Enemy Hits Vids and Docs Boxset.