SOULdigital replaces HitsburgSOUL as SLAMdigital Label

October 29th, 2007

Covering the SLAMjamz coverage of soul ,dance and gospel mp3 distribution, digital label HitsburgSOUL has changed its name to SOULdigital. Already the label has the relationship with KYLE JASON, and the HEAVENOCOPTERS and will look to make a key acquisition in the near future of a singing group as well as soul artists experienced than the rest of the label.

SOULdigital plans to bridge a more mature sound not usually connected to mature artists who have R&B background. SLAMjamz Commissioner CHUCK D quoted ' I really never could stand the word urban, plus unless you fully spell out Rhythm and Blues , it a'int nothing but singing on hip hop beats. I'm completely looking for something else. Some throwback tracks!'

The logo has been designed in 2 stages by Kelvin Fonville the designer of the main SLAMjamz logo and its affiliates.