Sounding Off The Summer Of 2020, RAPSTATION Themes up with BARBARELLA from NO DOUBTS Album by StaHHr

August 9th, 2020
How about a song so hot it's soon to be the Rapstation365​ ​theme on 5 of the 10 stations​? BARBARELLA from the NO DOUBTS Album by StaHHr is lyrically leading us on a fiery beat into a blazing end of summer. "They ain’t ready, steady aim at the target I’m flooding the market, a break from the garbage. An artist, sensitive about mine pardon No margin for error, flawless..." Indeed with this track, StaHHr along with Crazy DJ Bazzoro feat. Poodie the Byz puts it down. Catch these vibes and more:​ @stahhr​ ​@crazydjbazarro #BARBARELLA | staHHr   Then grab the Rapstation ​App