SpitSlam responds to the Election with Bernie Got Berned Mistachuck featuring Jahi of PE2.0 and The Impossebulls

November 10th, 2016
Mistachuck and The Impossebulls, “Bernie Got Berned” November 7th, 2016 chuckd_bernie.png

As America braces itself for perhaps the most heated elections in our nation's history, a coalition of rappers explode onto the scene, breaking the silence, and retelling the campaign story of how we all got “burned”.

In a song simply titled, “Bernie Got Berned”, Public Enemy frontman Chuck D dashes straight onto the front lines, fearlessly spitting out his thoughts like daggers slicing through the speakers, “Who gots the damn nerve to pick a winner/ Artillery ready to kill you and me who deliver/ ing this camp pain from the campaign/ WTF OMG back to what the f—k they saying.”

Throughout his career, Chuck had always been known for his raw lyricism overflowing with such ruthless passion, and that's exactly what audiences should expect from a track such as this, as the Mistachuck rages on, “Wall Street got ya streets by the balls/ Beyond Trump Hill swallow this bitter pill... Killer Mike informed to Bern the platform/ Ran them jewels then them banksters swarmed/ Secretary of hate Neocon Satan/ Emails got USA mass debatin/ Evolution meltdown fifty states/ So the revolution just gotta wait?”

The result is an all-out, ear-splintering message building up to that all-so-tragic refrain, “Bernie got Berned.”

The track “Bernie Got Burned” was released by Mistachuck and The Impossebulls, who feature magnum-caliber verses from rappers Jahi, C-Doc, and Marcus J. The single also manifests through a viral music video depicting a news broadcasting scene, with one side of the screen focusing on campaign images, as the other emphasizing the voices behind the tumult.

While both the song and video narrate how former presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, “got burned” by the specific political figures, perhaps Chuck and The Impossebulls are speaking on behalf of Americans about to feel the burn when election day comes.

“Bernie Got Burned” by Mistachuck and The Impossebulls is currently accessible for streams and purchase via RCS music, while the video can be viewed here.

By Jods Arboleda for