The Art of SLAMjamz

August 8th, 2016

 Freelance Writer/Contributor Terence Fredericks sits down with Chief Operating Officer "Janol Mecca Holmes" for some Q&A on SLAMjamz Records.

Q- SLAMjamz obviously isn't a traditional record label, how would you define SLAMjamz?

A -SLAMjamz Records, asides from being founded by Chuck D over a decade a go is a unique, due to the fact that it's not your traditional "Urban Label". We place heavy focus on positioning ourselves in partnering with some of the best Artist you've never seen or heard. We make it a point to surround ourselves with hardworking Artist that bring unique music, artistry and talents to our situation, which is a big part of Chuck's vision.  For the most part, we stay in our own lane and continue to thrive from an integrity and quality standpoint.

Q - SLAMjamz sort of comes off like the "Blue Note Record Label" of Hip Hop in comparison to other labels.

A - Exactly, one of the most exciting projects we have on the label is the "And you Don't Stop!" project by the legendary and Grammy Award winning producer Easy Mo Bee. It was an honor to Co-Executively Produce that Project with Chuck (D) and to have it released via SLAMjamz.  It's a timeless project that contains some of Easy's best unreleased work as well newer production via instrumental form.  The project is timeless as it's still receiving a lot of great feedback and plenty of attention.  Those type of projects ("And you Don't Stop!") from artist of his caliber as well as compilations, music from new innovative and upcoming artist of all genres is what we to produce and release. 

Q- What are some other recent SLAMjamz projects that should be taken note of?

A - SLAMjamz Records presents "The Power" is phenomenal compilation with songs by Public Enemy, Easy Mo Bee, MF911 , Derryck "DSharp" Gleaton (Violinist) and underground artist such as Joe City and Cutlass that touches on the social climate in today's world.

 MF911's single "Taxi" I feel is one of the best hip hop songs released within the past few years. It's currently Number 1 at the RAPstation Charts. "The Carousel" by Supernatural INC presents Derryck "Dsharp" Gleaton, Gambit's "Jagwarr", UNO by Antlive (featuring Rocdwell)..There's plenty to name.

Antlive (of MF911) is a high energy artist/formidable producer in his own right who has several projects available via SLAMjamz. He delivers the quintessential "BoomBap" Hip Hop sound.  He recently enjoyed touring with Public Enemy around the globe and most recently within the US on "The Art Of Rap" Tour.  Gambit's a Hip Hop artist/producer we have based out of Switzerland who has featured music ("Jaqwarr" and "Like This")  on the "SLAMjamz Worldwide  Compilation" as well as an EP titled "Hitman".   We have additional artist joining the roster which include producer "Joe City" , The Ruckus, Diesel Outlaw and a few more exciting artist surprises that I will announce at a later date.

 Q - What is the Business focus of SLAMjamz?

A- From a Business standpoint we try our best to position our extensive and growing music catalog for Licensing and Publishing opportunities, which obviously provides monetary opportunities for the label and artist.  Keep releasing a unique quality of music for our everyday support the comes from the growing number of those who believe in the SLAMjamz name and it's artist.   Our music can be found via ITunes, as well as most digital retailers.

Q - What about Radio Play?

A - We don't play politics with Radio. We don't have the time nor energy for it.  "Payola" is something we don't do.  You can hear our artist and projects on most alternative stations such as college radio, internet radio..Check out the RAPstation Radio Network (

Q - What else is going on with SLAMjamz?

A- Some of artist recently enjoyed touring internationally in front audiences of thousands, which is an opportunity that doesn't happen for your average artist, as well as to some of the common artist you're forced to hear on the radio every hour.  We also recently added depth to our staff by hiring Chrysta Monique as Vice President of SLAMjamz Records.  Chrysta brings style, intelligence,  industry knowledge, hard work and hustle to the Team, to which we graciously welcome.

SLAMjamz in partnership with Supernatural INC Films will be releasing a critically acclaimed documentary titled "The Long Road To The Hall Of Fame", which debuted successfully at the Pan African Film Festival. It's being released this fall via Video Digital outlets which include Google Play, Vimeo, Hulu and possibly Netflix.  The documentary was created and directed by Reda Zine who hails from Casablanca, Morocco and resides Italy.

Expect SLAMjamz merchandising, more superior quality music releases, the introduction of more phenomenal Artist and music projects from around the well as SLAMjamz Records to continue to defy all odds.