The Jahi Trilogy of PE 2.0 Albums Emerges With 'In The Tradition'

March 3rd, 2017

Spring 2017 gets another riveting creation from iconic Public Enemy founder Chuck D in the form of Jahi’s trilogy as PE 2.0. with 3 albums, 28 songs, 6 music videos and 1 world tour. People Get Ready, InsPirEd, and In The Tradition represent the entitled new releases and features rendered with original production from Public Enemy’s legendary Bomb Squad, G, Wiz, DJ Johnny Juice, Divided Souls, DJ Pain 1, Easy Mo Bee, Sycronaut Beat Squad and more.


With all three albums recorded at Skyline Studios in Oakland California; with Brian “Canadian Sauce” Matheson on recording and mixing controls, with Earle Holder on mastering, People Get Ready is the fiery flare announcing globally that PE 2.0 is here. It features songs such as “People Get Ready,” “What They Need,” and “Panther Power” –which Jahi and Chuck D joined to perform live for the United We Stand Festival in Los Angeles, as well as local and national press.


InsPirEd went straight boombap and even landed the Blastmaster KRS-One on the album twice, adding the album’s break out smash, “Survival” produced by DJ Pain 1 and Divided Souls. In The Tradition is the final power punch, offering songs like “Ali,” “Water Protectors.” While the title cut, “In The Tradition,” speaks truth to power and continues to build on the urgency of now, which Public Enemy has always stood for. Speaking on the trilogy, Jahi states, “I’ve known Chuck since 1999.


The seeds were planted for PE 2.0 during the 20th Anniversary tour of PE when I hosted and opened. I am so thankful and humbled to be in the presence of greatness which is Public Enemy. Chuck D as a brother and mentor, but the whole group as well because they embraced me as a brother and musical comrade. PE 2.0 is the continued legacy from Public Enemy, and I feel good about the work and more importantly the message we are giving to the world. In The Tradition, the third installment, may be the shortest, but the harder hitting with timely messages, and a tribute to my hero Muhammad Ali. PE 2.0 is a body of work I am proud of.” Fans compelled by the driving messages and beats of classic Public Enemy will become the growing audience of fans, building the continued legacy with Jahi’s PE 2.0 trilogy.




Gia'na M. Garel