The Scallions Release Incredible Album On Minds Ear Records

October 16th, 2009

Mind's Ear Records presents a brand new album by The Scallions. It is
called "SOUNDS OF VINYL AND THE PAST" and is a vinyl only release. It
is available in two formats: the standard issue and the premium lettered
box set. The box set is a limited edition of 26 copies.

For this release the band has combined new material with a number of
tracks from their archives.

"SOUNDS OF VINYL AND THE PAST" is an instrumental LP; a musical format
reflected in the majority of the band's early work. The music has been
17 years in the making. It's a concept album with no lyrics, the song
titles tell a story. This release showcases more of the Scallions'
avant-garde/experimental side.

The LP features guest appearances by Brian Jackson of Gil Scott-Heron
fame, Brian Poole of Renaldo and the loaf and Nolan Cook from The
Residents' touring band.

The album, a very retro looking transparent green vinyl, comes in a
beautiful gatefold sleeve. And to marry old media with the new, it also
comes with a coupon to get a free digital download of the LP.

The limited edition box set offers what is sorely missing from today's
CDs and downloads - deluxe full size packaging!

In addition, the box set will include the following:
A bonus CD with exclusive content, paper children's mask with cord,
jukebox tag, Scallion's bumper sticker and business cards. If that's
not enough, the entire set is housed in a wooden box with the brothers'
images etched on the front. A limited number of early shipments will
include a copy of the Scallions' "AGONY THROUGH CEREMONY" CD.