Tijana Bass April UPDATES

April 8th, 2012

Tijana Bass has had a mad busy march of her own starting with her taping for the very popular TV show in her country called CITY FOLK which she will be featured in a few episodes. She also met on several occasions with video director David Burk, who directed her last MTV hit video Face OF Freedom, to discuss her next single and video treatment ideas.

Tijana bass has been working on her next studio album with several producers and is very excited to team back up with P. Riot who co- produced her first album along with Studdah man. P. Riot flew from NYC to Slovenia to start recording and to help Tijana mode her new direction and sound for this album. Between long studio sessions, Tijana and P. Riot have found time to do a lot of press set up by Tijana's P.R agent KALY KOLONIC and they also traveled to Zagreb to do an interview with legendary European radio personality DJ Phat Phillie for his Blackout radio show. Here are a few pics taken from Tijana's SLAMslides.