Tijana bASS Busy Working on Next Album

January 31st, 2012

TIJANA BASS has been very busy performing, writing and working on her next studio album entitled REVOLVER HEART. We recently caught up with her in the studio of fellow Slovenian artist/ producer Martin Bezjak from the group Happy ol'McWeasel. Martin is engineering the vocals for one of Tijana's new songs called LACE, which is produced by P. Riot a NY producer known for her works with 50 cent, Wu Tang Clan and many others.

Tijana is also working on songs like "Revolver Heart" produced by Beno Sorsak an artist from the famous Slovenian reggae band called Siti Hlapci and a song called Balkan Rain with producer Koolade . Tijana is excited about all the collaborations and news but she doesn't want to give too much information away at this time. Tijana Bass is also busy filming for the popular TV show in Europe called CITY FOLK directed by the talented movie director Maja Malus.